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San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is one of the most frightening and stressful experiences. Right after facing arrest and being booked in jail, your criminal charge becomes a public record. Anybody can access it, regardless of whether you are convicted. You will be trying to free yourself from a tight situation right from the start.

There is absolutely nobody in your favor in the entire criminal justice system but your attorney. The police, prosecutors, probation officers, or judges are less concerned about your job, family, and future. Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer can significantly reduce the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that accompany criminal prosecution and follow it into the future.

At San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, you find lawyers who will put up a fight to defend your rights and protect you. Our lawyers have dedicated themselves to representing individuals facing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.

For decades, we have dealt with all kinds of judges and prosecutors in San Diego. We know what channels to follow to protect your rights and defend you from the strict criminal justice system. We develop solid defense strategies to assist defendants, cast doubts in witnesses’ testimonies, and set the record straight. We prevail at trials and work hard to have cases dismissed or charges lowered.

Many defense attorneys are not certified to practice criminal law. There is a significant difference between an attorney merely licensed by The State Bar of California and one certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization (CBLS) to practice criminal law. If your reputation and freedom are at stake, hiring a certified professional attorney could be the most crucial decision you ever make.

We fight for our clients by bringing pretrial motions to dismiss the charges, suppress evidence, or exclude testimony. Do not face the prosecutor and judge alone. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you defend your rights and protect your reputation.


Retaining the right criminal defense lawyer is the most critical decision you can make when facing a criminal charge. This decision makes the difference between a conviction and case dismissal, harsher penalties and a lenient sentence, or a positive outcome and a dragged-on case. Here is why we are the appropriate lawyers for you regardless of what stage your case is in the prosecution process:

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Our attorneys have a depth and breadth of experience equaling or exceeding that of the most reputable law firms. We are not starting from scratch. Whether your charges involve a complex white-collar offense, DUI, drug offense, or any other high-risk case, we have handled these kinds of cases before, and we will tackle yours too.

Smart, Client-Oriented Representation

We think strategically and strive to achieve holistic solutions that surpass our clients' immediate problems. Our client-oriented advocacy protects all our clients not only against the threats they face today but also the ones looming on the horizon. We also understand the value of discretion. At times, the most favorable results are those you do not hear about.

Best-In Class Trial Lawyers

Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of intricate trials and so many appeals spanning a wide range of practice areas. We know what it takes to win a case. That is why clients seek us out with their complex cases, including the ones other law firms cannot or will not take on.

Masterful Negotiators and Relentless Litigators

Skilled in every stage of the California criminal process, our lawyers fight for you both as litigators and negotiators. As litigators, we rigorously investigate the facts surrounding your case, prepare any substantive proof and procedural motions about the specific factors of your case. As negotiators, we use any procedural and substantive issues in the prosecutor's case to strike a favorable plea deal for you. We aggressively prepare to take your case to trial if we cannot negotiate a fair plea deal.

We Are Available to You Around-the-Clock

The California justice system is scary and daunting, and a lawyer who assists in alleviating your anxiety is essential to your capability to remain strong and resilient. For this reason, you need to have a lawyer you can access at any time. Our lawyers can be reached 24/7, always keep you informed, and hold your hand through a process that otherwise seems impossible.

Skilled Defense in the Criminal Justice Process

Our attorneys have experience representing clients facing any kind of criminal charge at every step of the California legal process, from an arrest to a court trial and even after that.


At San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, we provide hands-on, quality, consistent, and expert representation in felony and misdemeanor cases. These include DUI cases, drug crimes, theft crimes, violent and serious felonies, and restraining/protective orders.

We have accomplished trial attorneys with a proven track record. We understand that the stakes are high and have the experience and skill to obtain outstanding outcomes, even in the most unusual intricate cases.

For us, protecting the defendant is an ethical way to protect the criminal justice system and preserve the value and significance of the constitution. Therefore, we dedicate our resources to aggressively fighting for clients, regardless of how severe the charges or intimidating and tedious the process is. Instilled with this spirit, we carefully evaluate each case and explore and litigate every possible legal defense.

Our strategy is to inform the prosecution about the complexities and nuances of a given case and any weakness in the prosecutor's case. We then relentlessly push for the most favorable results for our client's needs depending on the circumstances. This strategy has undoubtedly consistently resulted in the best possible results.

Do Not Hesitate!

We, Will, Put Up A Fight To Defend Your Rights.


At San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, we represent clients in many practice areas.
Some of these areas include:


Negin Yamini

The primary thing you should remember regarding requests from law enforcement officers for comments or interviews is that you always have the right to remain silent unless you provide basic biographical information such as your name. In addition, you have to exercise your right to remain silent until and except if otherwise advised by an experienced criminal defense lawyer, like those from San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Retaining an Attorney during Sentencing

Unfortunately, you may be found guilty of your crime in court. Should this happen, our fight will not yet be over. You will be subject to sentencing and have to appear for a sentencing hearing that determines the appropriate punishment for your crime. Whereas various rules and regulations influence a sentencing hearing outcome, judges enjoy strong discretion and reasonably modify your sentence.

Our attorneys may be capable of using the details of your case and mitigating factors to fight for more lenient sentencing options. However, the prosecution will be seeking the highest possible penalty, and you want to have an experienced defense attorney fighting to protect your rights.

Sentencing has to be legal. Should a judge decide to order a sentencing option that goes against the established guidelines, they should have a valid reason for doing so. Our attorney may be capable of helping if your sentence is illegally enhanced.

Alternative Sentencing Options

When you have been sentenced, you can take advantage of various alternative sentencing options based on the facts of your case. Alternative sentencing usually includes probation, allowing convicted offenders to serve time without stepping foot in prison or jail. It may also entail diversion programs meant to rehabilitate given defendants.

If you qualify, our lawyers will argue for probation instead of an incarceration period. While serving your probation sentence, you go back home to your family, friends, and community. Although, you will be under the strict supervision of the court and a probation officer. Bad conduct could lead to the revocation of your probation, and the judge may restore the sentence your crime carries.

A probation sentence also has various terms and conditions you have to comply with for your continued stay out of incarceration. These terms usually include alcohol and drug treatment, community service, educational courses, restitution, or fines, to name but a few. Failing to obey any imposed conditions could mean a prolonged probation period.

The diversion program sentencing option is also available but to specific offenders. Eligibility is usually dependent on the offender's needs and type of the crime. For instance, you may qualify for pretrial diversion if you are found guilty of a nonviolent drug crime, such as simple possession of a small amount of a controlled substance. Diversion programs usually focus much on rehabilitation instead of punishment. Most diversion programs permit the offender's charge to be dropped once they complete the program. Therefore, your conviction will not reflect on your criminal record.

Appealing Your Conviction

Once you have been convicted, you can file an appeal. This is not a new court trial, and you might not submit new arguments or evidence concerning guilt. Rather, an appeal happens when a high-ranking court (appellate court) reviews how your case was prosecuted at the trial court and cross-checks the case for legal mistakes. When you appeal your case, you must state what mistakes you believed happened and why you must be granted another trial.

You have to file your appeal within 60 days after the rendition of the judgment. The appeal can be just about anything. Any matter you and your lawyer brought before the court during trial can be appealed. If you fail to preserve the matter, for example, failing to object to it, you cannot appeal to that issue. Examples of problems you can appeal include improper instructions or proof you know or believe the police obtained unlawfully, and the trial court judge should have suppressed it. Our lawyers can help you appeal your case and will work to ensure you are granted a new trial.

Post-Conviction Relief Attorneys in San Diego

At San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, we never stop fighting for the best interests of our clients even after a conviction. If the judge has found you guilty of an offense, post-conviction relief lawyers from our firm will assist you in understanding the options that will help you clean up your criminal record.

Any given criminal conviction will stay on your criminal record until you request its removal. There is no timeframe where it will merely disappear by itself. This may cause trouble for you when searching for new employment, applying for mortgage loans and rental leases, or even enrolling in school. Our post-conviction relief attorneys will diligently explore all the post-conviction relief options available for you so you can start your life on a clean slate.

We will continue our pursuit of protecting your best interests and legal rights by reducing, eliminating, or vacating your conviction to remedy the repercussions of living with a criminal record.

The Arrest and Bail Hearing

After an arrest in San Diego, a bail hearing may have to be held to determine whether you are eligible for release on bail and, if so, for the judge to set the bail amount.

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We Can Also Help You Deal With California Warrants

We have three kinds of warrants our lawyers help our clients deal with:

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Do Not Hesitate!

We Will Put Up A Fight To Defend Your Rights.



At San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, our team has the necessary knowledge, experience, and passion for building strong defenses on your behalf, regardless of the crime you are alleged to commit. We will work tirelessly to have your charges dismissed or reduced. Your freedom and future are too precious to entrust them to any defense lawyer short of the best. If you are accused of any criminal offense, call us right away at (619) 695-1677 for a complimentary consultation.